Life Portfolio

GCAS College desires for each one of our students to flourish. We want you to life the best life you’re capable of living. This is why we have assembled the optimal resources to support you and bring out your best. During the BA application process we’d like to get a better sense from you what your interests and gifts are in life. What do you love? What do you dream? What are your challenges? are some of the questions we share together as a College community committed to making life better today and tomorrow.

A Life Portfolio will differ vastly for each applicant. During Phase 2 of the application process we ask you to submit your Life Portfolio. Your portfolio is your own unique way to display your accomplishments, your challenges, your story. It can be a story, photographs, a video, drawings, a dance, a great insight that came to you having coffee over breakfast. Creating a Life Portfolio can serve as a place in your life where you reflect about who you are and where you want to be.

As you share your hopes, challenges and dreams with us, so too we’ll share ours with you because if you become part of our academic community we will share so much in life together over the course of your college career and, when you graduate, you’ll be invited to become a co-owner of GCAS College Dublin with your peers, friends, professors, and mentors. GCAS College is a gateway into a community of support and encouragement—a global network you’ll have with you for the rest of your life.

Where Do You Share Your Portfolio?

After you submit your initial application, you’ll then take the GCAS BA Entrance Examination. After you complete the examination, you’ll be sent a form so you can complete Phase 2, which is divided into the following five (5) parts:

(a) Submit: Resumé / CV Submission

(b) Submit: Life Portfolio

(c) Submit: Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

(d) Pass an Interview (online or in person)

(e) Submit English Language Exam results if required


Photo by: Jeremy Bishop