Kim Miller

Phd Researcher


I move across the fields of video and performance art, working with forms borrowed from dance, theater and stand-up comedy. I’m interested in the relationship between text and action, power and the space of appearance. I like thinking about the difference between presence and image. My work starts with composition – making a script or score of some kind. From there I’m interested in making room for improvisation. How does gesture inform or complicate a subject? Is a radical democratic subject possible? My PhD research proposal explores how we perform ideology, and how ideology is shaped through social choreography. The idea of social choreography is both a tool/phenomenon and an approach/method/frame. Is social choreography the sliding scale that links the aesthetic to the political? How is social choreography an embodiment of ideology (rather than an interpellation of it)? How does one perform ideology? What is the relationship between the aesthetic and the political? What happens when people are left out of social choreography, or prevented from participating, or moved against their interests? Part of my research includes exploring not only a critique, but finding forms for new, or other, subjectivities. If the political are acts that operate by disagreement, I’m trying to craft those acts. I’d like to propose a new, or other, model for art, society, and politics.