Khanyile Joseph Mlotshwa

PhD Researcher


I am a journalist and writer born in Zimbabwe. I live in South Africa due to study
commitments as I am currently finishing up on a PhD degree in Media and Cultural studies with the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). My research is on experimenting with postcolonial and decolonial theories and methodologies in making sense of the articulations of media, border and urban representations of black subjectivity in post-apartheid South Africa. As a journalist, I write mostly on national and local government politics in Zimbabwe, focusing mainly on the Southern region of Matabeleland. As a writer, I experiment with poetry, drama and fiction on themes mainly related to topical issues such as migration, politics, and history. As an academic, my research interests lie where media, cultural, communication, journalism and governance studies intersect with popular, subaltern, resistant, radical and critical forms of politics. Positioned within a postcolonial/decolonial approach, I am interested in representation and identity, and the collusion of neoliberalism and nationalism(s), on one hand; against popular, subaltern and decolonial practices and forms of cultural politics, on the other hand. Here I investigate or analyse the discursive construction of places, people(s) and identities within cultural institutions such as the arts, the media, and life in general. I have taught media studies at universities in Zimbabwe.