Preston Junger

Entrepreneur, Brand Partnership Expert


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Thomas Hampton

PhD Researcher, Lecturer

Preston Junger

Entrepreneur, Brand Partnership Expert

Thomas Sauer

Entrepreneur, B2B Sales Expert

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Start-Up Studies Department


Create your own start-up business and start living life

This program provides the opportunity for a student to complete a BA degree in 3 years while learning from some of the brightest minds in the world. If you specialize your BA in Start-Up Studies, you will be mentored by some of the most successful start-up visionaries in the world from Silicon Valley to New York to Dublin, Ireland.

Specializing your BA in Start-Up Studies is a completely new way to re-think and re-do education. You’ll learn how inventions are created from the beginning of time to the 21st Century. You’ll be shown different models for thinking and imagining innovative ways to create new business models that not only grow, and may provide you with the life you seek, but if your start-up is good enough, GCAS College will invest in your company. This is our “Incubator”.

Business Incubator

So not only could you become an owner of GCAS College, when you graduate, but GCAS College will be behind you the entire way to ensure that your life starts out out-of-debt and into growth in just three three years.

 Tom Sauer (L) and Preston Junger— Co-Founders of Mile Square Labs in New York

Tom Sauer (L) and Preston Junger— Co-Founders of Mile Square Labs in New York


Degree Specialization

BA of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in New Business Start-Up Studies

Bachelors (BA)

Length: 3 Years

Tuition Costs: 6,000€/ Year

Requirements: 180 Credits (40 in Start-Up Studies for Specialization)

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Program


Start-Up Certificate

Length: 3 Days

Tuition Costs: $550

GCAS/MSL Hackathon Dublin (TBA)