Ó luaithreach, éiríonn éadrom misneach

(From the ashes, there is a light of courage)

The Global Center for Advanced Studies

Research Institute



The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) is a unique, not-for-profit, research institute fully designed to offer students and faculty a vibrant and courageous alternative to traditional and prohibitively expensive advanced degrees with the aim of equipping students and researchers with the skills to transition into a clean-energy, planet sustainable and a more democratic future in which harmony is restored with our environment.  Our Irish Research Institute currently awards our own BA, MA and PhD degrees subject to validation via the European Qualifications Framework in Ireland. Our initial research focus is Social and Political Thought.

Our degree program was created to reanimate the humanities and social sciences in order to combine a variety of disciplines intended to foster original and exceptional research relevant to address the most vexing questions of the twenty-first century including clean-energy and water, shelter, environmental protection and democratic access to education. We synthesize specialized knowledge both in and outside academia with public intellectuals, clean energy businesses, artists, coders, and designers. It’s our GCAS meta-theoretical compass and narrative that makes visible the invisible fragments of knowledge and practice by uniting an otherwise disparate and largely fragmented ethos for a better today and tomorrow.

We are the first research institute of higher education in modern history founded, organized and led by world-leading intellectuals, academics, writers, artists, designers and local organizers for peace and the common good.



GCAS-RII is a new initiative that sprung from The Global Center for Advanced Studies founded in 2013. Our objective is to offer the highest quality advanced degrees debt-free. We are located in Ireland. 



Education is most fundamentally about responding to the common needs of the social good through innovative, creative and scientifically objective research and innovations.  Our faculty and affiliate professors are leading the way for a better today and tomorrow.