A New Eco-System

ecosystem def.

There are other ways…

Today’s world is increasingly dominated and determined by a movement towards centralization. Financial economies, Religions, Governments, Corporations, Big Data Information Entities, and Universities are composed and deployed by a logic of ‘centralization'. This ‘centralizing’ logic can undermine different practices and habits that are essential to addressing and resolving the most immediate and vexing problems confronting all living species on this planet called, “Earth.” The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS), GCAS College, and GCAS Research Institute together togther with the Economic Space Agency have created a decentalized education and venture eco-system that assures quality of research and learning while at the same time allowing for different forms of scholarship to emerge and develop.

This strategy is not an either/or but a both/and one in that as we deploy new technologies and network creation tactics and nodes we remain open to letting thought and research go where it leads without overdetermining or assuming the outcome.