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The GCAS Shared Education Economy

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) and GCAS College Dublin is changing education across the global. The manner in which we are fulfilling our aims is by creating a different kind of economy. At a basic level an economy is how goods and services are made and exchanged amount people. We know there are different kinds of economies from capitalism to socialism. The GCAS economy is one based on an exchange between the student, participant and our course offerings leading to certificates and degrees.

The recent model in education today is one that forces students into debt to receive degrees so they are qualified to apply for different levels of employment. You can easily see this system doesn’t empower the student but rather forces them into accepting the conditions by which employment is offered in the first place, which turns education into a means to employment only and so education is not about the social good, democracy or for self-empowerment.

The GCAS strategy offers an alternative. Our tuition is as low as it can go—just enough to continue offering high-quality courses. This allows students to not have to go into debt. Additionally, we created a shared economy in which students and participants (in GCAS College & the ESchool) are able to contribute to grow our economy through various actions such as spreading the word about our strategy to reclaim education and a different way of life for people not profits. So instead of GCAS spending money on marketing, researchers, participants and students help spread the word. In exchange for this GCAS awards GCA$¥ tokens*. The participant and student can then use these tokens to pay down tuition. Eventually, as our economy grows, our tuition will decrease even more to the point where we achieve our goal of free tuition to all qualified. This aim may take a good while to accomplish, but it’s our goal and as participants contribute more and more we all benefit more and more. Just imagine an economy that doesn’t work on debt but on prosperity and mutually beneficial ways so that we all benefit and not just the few at the expense of the many.

* GCA$¥ tokens are not a security or currency. They have no value but are used to track contributions in exchange for awards that GCAS College offers namely tuition and subscription credits.


GCA$¥ is not like other crypto currencies because they are kept internal to our own education eco-system or only shared with similar eco-systems such as our partner, FairCoin. In this way, we avoid the hype and the scams that are too often associated with new crypto tokens and currencies. GCA$¥ is not a currency or a security and has no value but its our way to create an alternative shared economic tracking system.

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