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GCAS Membership

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Free Enrollment in our E-School

  • One free residential seminar (including the Summer Institute) (covers registration costs) starting in the fall 2019.

  • Access to our seminar archives (over 500 recordings)


    • Help provide free education in our degree programs to super smart intellectuals from all parts of the world. We currently have students & researchers from countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Uruguay, Philippines, Chile, Australia, France, Canada, Equator, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Canada, Ireland, USA just to name a few. The key is for those who have to share their resources to help make a better life for those in need.

    • Sponsor our GCAS Radio Program (to be launch in March 2019)

    • Sponsor new films (we have already sponsored two amazing films already)

    • Help launch our non-profit GCAS RI

    • Help fund our global community forum in which we share research findings

    • Help fund our free online open magazine and journal, The GCAS Review

    • Help launch new centers around the globe

  • Access Research materials via our online community forum

  • Enter into our own mode of educational production (via our GCA$¥ Crypto). You’ll receive 100 GCA$¥ tokens. We partner with The Economic Space Agency

  • Mentorship possibilities with leading experts in many fields in the humanities, the social sciences, and the hard sciences especially physics

  • Weekly updates about seminars and the goings-on with all things GCAS

  • You can also apply for a GCAS Community ID Card for $20

  • 10% will go to