GCAS Code of Trust & Pledge


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 GCAS College Dublin

Code of Trust & Pledge

We, the owners, researchers, students, faculty and supporters of GCAS College Dublin, in order to establish a more fair and just educational and economic model, have come together to unite our resources.

We are committed to professing truths.

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which truths can be shared, discovered, and distributed freely and openly.

We are committed to a more hopeful future by establishing an environment in which all within our community may flourish.

We are committed to our researchers and students with whom we share and discover truths that empower all living beings.

We are committed to creating and maintaining the highest and most rigorous educational environment within which we invite researchers and students to become co-creators and, upon graduating, to share ownership of our college and resources.

In holding our commitments sacred we maintain the highest standards of trust, the free exchange of ideas, academic freedom and courage.

Our Pledge

is made with an acute sense of responsibility:

I accept my entrance into GCAS College Dublin

and I pledge to

uphold the highest academic standards

to seek justice

to pursue truths

to share and respect Natural, financial and human resources

to acknowledge the infinite power of ideas

to live in all manner of flourishment

to not mislead others

and to complete my work for the betterment of our community

and of our world.


July 25, 2018

Student Signature: