GCAS BA Entrance Examination

The objective of the BA Entrance Examination is to understand how the applicant thinks. There are no right or wrong answers, neither is there a grade.

Examination Instructions

There is no time limit on the examination. You can use any resources you wish: books, videos, articles. The important part about the examination is for you to just tell us your response to questions we ask.

You will receive the examination via your email. When you are ready, you can begin. When you’re finished with the examination you simple email us to let us know.


You will given different questions. The question can range from word association, to logic, to current events. All of your answers should be typed out.

Again there is no time limit.


The examination should take you between 45-60 minutes to complete, but it could take longer or shorter.


All that is required is for the examinee to have access to the Internet, a computer and/or a smartphone.


You cannot fail this examination. The examination is purposefully designed to better understand how you think and reason through ideas, problems, and puzzles. And, no, it’s not an IQ examination.

Privacy Policy

This examination is for the sole purpose of evaluating the applicant for our BA program. All information on the examination is not shared and is held in confidence by the application committee. Your examination will not be stored in any folder after the applications committee decides on the applicant. Your examination will be deleted after the final decision about acceptance is determined.