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This page is for invitees only. If you have not been invited to view this page, then we ask you to immediately leave. GCAS College Dublin, Ltd’s ownership shares are not available to the public. At this stage only friends and family can support this amazing venture.

You have been invited to consider joining the GCAS College Founding Network through investing funds in our my friends and family network. This page provides you with the introductory information about this new and exciting venture.

So what’s the big idea?

Back in 2013 I voluntarily resigned from Rollins College after being promoted to Associate Professor. I did this for a number of reasons, but the main one was this: I am passionate about education, but the way college education works in the USA (& in Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, South Africa and increasingly in Europe and all over the world) is that it requires students to take on the heavy burden of debt. So, I created a school with a different model.

What’s the model?

For starters: think of the traditional university and merge that idea with a venture firm, only think of it in terms of a collective ownership model.

Instead of the traditional business model of the university or the venture firm, which is based on profits (even if they’re non-profit), our model is based on incentivizing collective ownership so that as we grow, everyone benefits, not just a few. In more detail, here’s what our model looks like this:

  • Low cost but high quality education

  • Tuition is converted to ownership shares after the student graduates

  • Students are encouraged, but not required, to develop new “green” economy business startups. That’s why we’re partnering with Mile Square Labs, so that students can be mentored.

  • If the student’s startup business plan is promising, GCAS College invests in the business for equity stakes. So, if you’re an owner of GCAS College you also have ownership stakes in the new startup. If we have 100 new startups and 10 are very successful everyone and not just a few benefit.

  • We have over 15 streams of revenue through which our growth model unfolds.

What is our goal?

We’ve been perfecting our “people not profits first” business model for nearly 6 years and have all the pieces in place, from the Team to the Strategy, to the Faculty and the Law Firm partnership to our Global Centers & Partnerships in Ireland, the USA, Mexico, Chile, France, Australia, and soon in Russia, China, and South Africa.

We are already trading and now it’s time to come on and partner with us, early.

Our strategy is to maximally leverage and deploy available technologies in order to aggressively capture the global higher education market (of 200,000,000 students world-wide) with an IPO exit strategic target just shy of 600,000,000€ by 2025.

How you can get Involved

It’s very simple and easy. You can get involved by becoming a co-owner of GCAS College Dublin for as little as 100€ or about $113 US Dollars. But there is a cap of 1,000€ unless you are an accredited investor.

Will my investment grow?

Like any investment, there is no guarantee it will grow. However, there’s a seriously good chance that it will and we have already grown. For example, we incorporated GCAS College Dublin, Ltd on the 23rd of April 2018 in Ireland. At that time our pre-money valuation was at 3 million Euros ($3.4 million USD). Since then, our valuation has grown to 3.5 million euros (about $4 million USD). This was due to the launch our ESchool and Magazine, securing new partnerships, and amazing faculty. We are expecting to be internationally accredited in early 2019, at which time our valuation will increase by 50%, making our value increase to 5,250,000€ (about $6,000,000). That’s a 75% increase in about 9 months. Furthermore, we have a pledge of 1 million euros + a property valued at 500,000€ already which will further increase our value to 6,750,000€. I am currently in a campaign to raise an additional 5 million €uros, but updates on this and other campaigns will be provided in due course. My goal is to have 10,000,000 in our bank account by 2020 with an valuation of 30,000,000 within 18 months.


If you were to invest 100€ in April that investment would now be worth 175€ ($199).

Now, let’s say you invest 100€ ($113) right now. Once we’re internationally accredited (expected early next year, 2019) that investment would be worth 50% more or 150€ ($170).

Now let’s say that we are successful and IPO @ 600,000,000.00€ in 2025 your 100€ investment will be worth 17,042.85€ ($19,346). Again there’s no guarantee, but I believe we can do this and I further believe there’s a chance we could do even better.

What’s Next?

For me it’s very important that you have all the information you need before you make an investment. Should you be interested in furthering the conversation about how you can become a co-owner of GCAS College Dublin, Ltd. that would be great. I will share with you our business plan and our financial projections. But in order to protect our plan that took nearly 6 years of hard work and over 30,000 hours to develop, we need you to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You simple need to download it, sign it (an e-signature is acceptable) and email it back to me at: creston.davis@gcas.ie. This form protects our business model from being copied.



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