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Unlike the traditional higher education institutions in the United States where administrators outnumber faculty, at GCAS College Dublin our founding administrators work in the classroom as professors and are expected to continually contribute to publishing research at the highest levels. By breaking down and challenging the wall between administration and faculty within the academy we at GCAS continue to fulfill our mission of creating a new and needed co-operative space that is responsive to the evolving needs of the world.


Post-Graduate College

Érik Bordeleau, PhD (Université de Montréal) Director of the MA Program in Crypto-Economics, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Creston Davis, PhD (University of Virginia) Chancellor, Associate Professor of philosophy and religion, Founding Director of GCAS.

Keith Faulkner, PhD (University of Warwick) Associate Professor of Philosophy

Francisco Gonzalez, PhD (Catholic University, Chile) Assistant Professor of Arts and Philosophy, Director of GCAS-South America

Dejan Lukic, PhD (Columbia University) Vice-Chancellor, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Luanne McKinnon, PhD (University of Virginia), Member of the Board, Professor of Art & Art History

Jean-Luc Nancy, PhD, Professor of Philosophy

Julie Reshe, PhD Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Psychoanalysis, and Director of the GCAS Psychoanalysis Institute. 

Tere Vadén, PhD (University of Tampere) Professor of Philosophy

Christiana Uzoamaka Udeogu-Gozalan, Board Certified Physician, based in Munich, Germany



Board of Governors

Creston Davis, PhD Chancellor, Executive Director 

Preston Junger

Luanne McKinnon, PhD

Thomas Sauer

Forrest Cole, CFO

Emily Flynn, Secretary and COO

Stefan Dreyer

Tere Vadén, PhD 



Dejan Lukic, PhD


Academic Board

Francisco Gonzalez, PhD (Chair)

Keith Faulkner, PhD 

Representative Students ("Researchers")


Ethics Committee

Julie Reshe, PhD


Undergraduate College

Forthcoming 2019


Additional Staff and Associates

Honorary President of GCAS, Lewis Gordon, PhD

Vice-President of GCAS, Azfar Hussain, PhD

Emily Flynn, Dublin Operations Manager

Chase Jennings, IT & Media Director

Thomas Hampton, Director of Institutional Development

Ekaterina Filippova, Administrative Assistant

Petra Paulic, Developer

Tonina Alomar, Developer