Alexandra Gabbard, PhD

Erica Kitzman, PhD Researcher

Anna White, Researcher, Writer & Editor

Margaret Young, Award Winning Poet

English & Literature Department

The department will focus on transversal topics which will approach both canonic literary studies with a critical view as well as the contemporary turn. Thus, we will have courses on the classics, such as Greek theater, The Divine Comedy, Chaucer and Shakespeare, as well as modernist and contemporary literature. All genres of literature will be approached: drama, short stories, novels, poetry, chronicles, essays, comics, biographies and auto-biographies.

The English literature department will commit to teaching world literatures, which includes but does not pertain exclusively to Anglo-Saxon production. (As head I have domain in canonic and modernist British literature, canonic/modernist/contemporary American and Brazilian literature.)

Critical theory will consist of at least two seminars in the undergraduate course. All theory produced in the literary area must be examined and discussed, with the objective of forming students in the tradition and the contemporary thoughts in the area. Theoretical discussions include: Romanticism and aestheticism, American pragmatism, Historicism, New Historicism, Reader Response theory, Russian formalism, Realism, Cognitive literary theory, Marxist literary theory, Postcolonial and Decolonial Critique,  Structuralism and semiotics, Deconstructionism, Narratology, New Criticism, Psychoanalytical Critical Theory, Post-Structuralism and Cultural Studies (including transversal view on queer theory, feminist theory, gender theory and body politics), African-American literary theory, eco-criticism as well as departmental contributions on philology and hermeneutics.

Specialization Description: The English Literature department endeavors to establish a critical reflection on literature and it social impacts, as well as the domain of critical literary theory. Our alumni will be able to act holistically at any level of the educational spectrum; at elementary school, medium or high school levels, and also in undergraduate and graduate institutions, as well as engage in cutting edge research. Students will develop skills in text production, literary critique, editing and narratology.

This degree is designed to offer a foundational cornerstone for the academic research and critique of world literatures and their connection to cultural phenomenology, philosophy and its major impact on the development of society. The aim of the department is to form critical thinkers with erudition in both classic and contemporary literature.



BA of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in English & Literature

Bachelors (BA)

Acceptance: Highly Selective

Length: 3 Years

Tuition Costs: 6,000€/ Year

Requirements: 180 Credits (40 in English & Literature for the Specialization)



Critical Theory Certificate

Length: 6 Months

Where: ESchool

When: September 2019

Tuition Costs: $550