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Anna White

Anna White has been a supporter and student at GCAS since early 2016. She is honored and eager to now assume the function of Dean of Student Affairs at the school she believes is a crucial and compelling alternative to the predominant profit-model of higher education. In GCAS, she sees a community just as much as a college, and she looks forward to supporting this community through the admissions process.

Her own time at university was a practice in the humanities, studying mainly continental philosophy, with concentrations in phenomenology, ethics and linguistics. After her graduate work, Anna taught philosophy, ethics and women’s studies at Front Range Community College in Colorado, USA. Parallel to and following her time in higher education, she has had three children, moved to Europe, and there, has concentrated on her own creative writing practices. For three years, she co-operated an experimental writing group in Amsterdam which used the practice of spontaneous language as a tool and process for individual and social change. She is also an academic editor for graduate students in the Netherlands.

In the near future, she plans on returning to her own academic studies at GCAS, where she will research the diametrics of domestic thinking and academic thinking. She is most drawn to and supported by the task set by philosopher Luce Irigaray when she says “what we still lack is to join loving and thinking.” She plans for her research to be an experiment in the confrontation/caress of these two faces which are currently present yet opposed in herself and in society. In other words, she hopes to contribute to the task of building a hinge at the threshold where experience and analysis meet, making way for a gentler quality to reflection and to knowing and to talking.

In the meantime, she’s delighted to fulfil this role for the GCAS community and looks forward to speaking with current and prospective students about their concerns and questions. Email to