Cryptoeconomics Department

MAsters Degree


Launch September 2019

accepting applications January 2019

The Occupy Wall Street movement and the struggle against generalized debt left us with a question that remains unanswered to this day: how to occupy a financial abstraction?

Created in partnership with Economic Space Agency (ECSA), the MA in Cryptoeconomics is organized around one core premise: following the emergence of blockchain and decentralised digital technologies, the economy is becoming a design question.

It is now possible to re-engineer and decolonize the money-form from within. We can start imagining a world in which the surplus-value generated by our activities resists extraction and capture within anti-social, privatized stores of value. Instead we can imagine, articulate, and create a world in which the sociality of production and circulation will remain at hand, immediately felt throughout the p2p networks in which we are already participating.

The literature that comprises the field of cryptoeconomics is remarkably conventional and conservative. Orthodox economics blocks the real potential for cryptographically enabled economic-social systems to facilitate the building of a radical alternative politics and economics.

This MA program prepares students to activate p2p and blockchain-based world-building initiatives that escape the capitalist domain of generalized equivalence and bring about new calibrations between the realm of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of living.

Join our emergent community of radical economists, software engineers, artists, hackers, game designers, social theorists and crypto-technologists to take up a unique ethical, aesthetical and political challenge: re-inventing finance as a collective practice of crafting futures and re-thinking value at the end of the economy as we know it!

The Masters Degree in cryptoeconomics is one (1) year in length and requires the student to complete 60 credit hours by completing required seminars, peer-group work, and supervised guided research.

The MA thesis length and structure may vary between 20,000 - 40,000 words (excluding bibliography and appendices) and not to exceed 50,000 words. Footnotes & citations normally should not exceed 20% of the thesis. For more details consult the GCAS Handbook.


Degree Program

Masters (MA) in Cryptoeconomics

Acceptance: Selective

Length: 1 Year

Tuition Costs: 5,000€

Requirements: 60 Credits, MA Thesis

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree


ECSA & GCAS Certificate Program in Cryptoeconomics

Length: 6 Months

Tuition Costs: 500€

Requirements: See Information in the link above

Prerequisites: None