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Tere Vadén, PhD (Chair)

Tere Vadén is a philosopher currently working in the School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland, and the multidisciplinary research unit that focuses on anticipation of deep socio-ecological transformations. He has published several articles on the philosophy of mind and language, as well as co-authored the books Rock the Boat. Localized Ethics, the Situated Self, and Particularism in Contemporary Art (2003), Wikiworld (2010), and Heidegger, Zizek and Revolution (2014). Together with Mika Hannula and Juha Suoranta, he has worked on the methodology of artistic research (Artistic research. Theories, methods, practices. (2005) and Artistic research methods. Narrative, Power, and the Public. (2014)). Recently he has been obsessed with the question of energy, especially fossil fuels, and their impact on the experience of modernity, publishing with Antti Salminen the book Energy and Experience. An Essay in Nafthology (2015). Tere is also a long-time editor of the Finnish philosophical journal niin & näin and managing director of the activist hedge fundén


Zühtücan Soysal, PhD Researcher

Voting Member

Zühtücan Soysal is the director of investment acquisitions at GCAS.

He is one of the co-founders of Blockchain A.Ş., the company operating Coin-Türk, which is among the leading local cryptocurrency news portals in Turkey since 2014. He has BSc in physics with a concentration in computational physics. Having written his MA thesis on the political implications of Heidegger’s fundamental ontology, he is now researching post-Heideggerian perspectives via philosophy of law and jurisprudence.


Erik Bordeleau, PHD (Quality Assurance)

Erik Bordeleau assists as a consultant to the GCAS Crypto Commission and is a non-voting member.


Julie Reshe, PhD

Julie Reshe serves as a voting member on the GCAS Crypto Commission.


Creston Davis, PhD (Vice-Chair)

Creston Davis serves as the compliance officer and is voting member. He also assists with design and implementation.