Critical Theory

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This programme rigorously examines the subject of Critical Theory from a thematic, literary and historical perspective. The programme provides some of the leading theorists in the world who guide student-researchers through comprehensive courses, close research peer-support, and timely seminars that address the most vexing issues confronting humanity today. Becoming a post-graduate (MA/PhD researcher) in our GCAS academic community connects you to a North-South/West-East global network and invites graduates to become co-owners of GCAS College Dublin upon graduating. In this way, our thinking and research findings become a materialization of a dynamic collaborative college, co-owned and operated by intellectuals and change-makers. Thinking becomes a community.

The MA programme

The Masters Degree in Critical Theory is one (1) year in length and requires the student to complete 60 credit hours by completing required seminars, peer-group work, and supervised guided research.

The MA thesis is required. The MA thesis length and structure may vary between 20,000 - 40,000 words (excluding bibliography and appendices) and not to exceed 50,000 words. Footnotes & citations normally should not exceed 20% of the thesis. For more details consult the GCAS Handbook.

The PhD Programme

The PhD programme is primarily a research and writing one. However, depending on the student’s previous work, required course-work may be assigned.



Application Deadline: 15 April 2019

Programme Starts:

September, 2019

Degree: Master’s (MA)

Length: 1 Year

Tuition Costs: 5,000€

Requirements: BA Degree

Prerequisites: Highly Selective


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Length: 3 Year

Tuition Costs: 5,000€

Requirements: MA Degree

Prerequisites: Highly Selective

Forthcoming, September 2019