Cory Johnson

PhD Researcher


"Cory's path of Inquiry involves types of knowledge which, in the words of Zizek, conceive themselves not as neutral, adequate descriptions of their objects, but as direct interventions in them. These include psychoanalytic eidetics, quantum semiotics, & communist metaphysics, philosophical attractors wherein knowledge directly affects its object. These foci then unleash the transformative potential of philosophy as abstract theories become increasingly concretized as praxis.

His inspiration for pursuing this trajectory comes from his BA thesis (in Physics) on the interpretations of quantum mechanics, as well as his MA thesis (in Philosophy) on so-called deontic logics (modal structures of normative reasoning). Cory's current approach is syncretic, with influences from the anglo-analytic, pragmatist-process, as well as continental traditions, especially with respect to a mathematical ontology that helps to visualize the architecture of a nonclassical (mereotopological) epistemology.

In his non-academic time Cory manages a Table Tennis club in Portland, OR, USA."