Core Team.png



Honorary President

Lewis Gordon, PhD

Yale University


Chair of Quality Assurance Commission

Anastasia Nicéphore, PhD

University of Sydney


Director of Investment Acquisitions

Zühtücan Soysal, PhD Researcher

Middle East Technical University


Director of Startup Incubator

Preston Junger (Board Member)

Mile Square Labs


Creston Davis, PhD (Board Member)

University of Virginia


Chair of the Crypto Commission

Tere Vadén, PhD (Board Member)

University of Tampere


Director of Marketing

Thomas Sauer (Board Member)

Mile Square Labs


Director of Communications

Andrew P. Keltner, PhD Researcher

University of New Mexico


Dejan Lukić, PhD

Columbia University


Director of Finance

Mark Stimson, PhD Researcher, MA

Maharishi University


Chief Financial Strategist

Ann Rutledge, MBA (Board Member)

University of Chicago


Director of Outreach

Preston Price, PhD Researcher

Chair of the Academic Council

Francisco González Castro, PhD

Catholic University of Chile


Chief Operations Officer

Kevin Archer, PhD (Board Member)

University of Denver


Director of Admissions

Anna White

Front Range Community College


Director of the Arts

Luanne McKinnon, PhD (Board Member)

University of Virginia


The GCAS Review Editor-in-Chief


Erica Kitzman, PhD Researcher


The GCAS Review Editor-in-Chief


Thomas Hampton, PhD Researcher


Virtual Learning Lead Developer

Katharine Vega, PhD Candidate


GCAS Oxford Partnership

Shaun Henson, D.Phil (Board Member)