This program is for anyone interested in learning more about art, politics and philosophy. There are no prerequisites. This is a live, online and fully interactive program with access to global researchers, professors and artists. You may enroll in the certificate program or in individual seminars. Your tuition funds help support artists in South America.


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If you can’t attend the live seminar you may engage with the seminar on your own time. However, you will need to show your engagement via a summary report of 250 words on the response section in the GCAS e-school platform.

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This certificate seeks to share the different research and creations being developed by some of the members of GCAS-SAC.

As an alternative to the current state of art and thought, where creators cannot (or do not want to) escape from the market, the official institutionalization and the elitist circuit in which they operate, this program is articulated in the dialogue, crossing and hybridization between the practices of Art, Politics and Philosophy, proposing an option to the traditional visions in this respect.

This possibility is unfolded in two axes, the seminars and the conferences. The seminars will work on the basis of the development of new approaches to artistic and political practice, trying to distance oneself from what is imposed by the system, as well as generating possible readings from individual authors. On the other hand, the conferences will share a series of ongoing researches and processes that are being developed in Latin America, seeking to broaden the discussion base of the problems related to artistic, political and philosophical practices, from the reality we are living today.

Requirements for award of “Certificate”

  • Attendance at a minimum of three seminars (of four total) for the award of Certificate of Participation.

  • Complete the above requirement and in addition submit a final project to The GCAS Review for the award of Certificate of Completion. * To receive a Certificate of Completion your project must be accepted for publication in The GCAS Review.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • To acquire and deploy a critical thinking and communication apparatus

  • To acquire and implement new practices into your own thinking, research and artistic creations

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  1. Certificate of Participation

2. Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Participation is awarded when the researcher “participant” satisfies the basic requirements (i.e., you attend three of the four seminars)

A Certificate of Completion is awarded when the researcher “participant” satisfies:

(a) the basic requirements; and

(b) complete a project that is published in The GCAS Review. If your project is published in The GCAS Review you’ll also receive 500 GCAS crypto tokens “GCASY” To learn more about a project follow the link below. To learn more about our GCAS Crypto follow the link: GCAS Crypto or read about it on the GCAS Review site.



Leonardo Mastromauro, PhD candidate

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You have an option about how you would like your certificate delivered.

Options 1: Officially Stamped Certificate and posted to you via mail (this will cost 30€)

Option 2: Emailed Certificate in PDF.