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GCAS Latino América

GCAS LA is a very important centre for the Global Centre of Advanced Studies. Home to research innovation and gaining new perspectives, discover more about the GCAS Centre in Latin America.

About GCAS Latino América

GCAS Latino América is a collective that is part of the Global Center for Advance Studies (GCAS) network and is made up of people from different places, disciplines and practices, united by common ethical and affective relationships, and by the desire to share and dialogue knowledge, experiences and processes.

As GCAS Latino América we want to be an alternative to traditional educational institutions, through our link with GCAS and our own activity. We seek to encourage the development of thoughts and practices that do not find a place in the most conservative institutions, relating with those creators, producers and researchers who place their work on the margins of the institutional frameworks – or relate problematically with them – as well as with young people, students and people of different generations. To this end, we develop certificates, diplomas, seminars, courses, and other meeting instances.

One of our main intentions is to establish a work and collaboration network in Latin America in order to collaborate with the GCAS and its different branches around the world, seeking to develop practices that contribute to think, discuss and generate an alternative to the logic of the prevailing neoliberal market. This is why we want to expand to different disciplines and practices, as well as to registers that are outside the academy.

In this way, in GCAS Latino América we want to disseminate practices and research carried out in the continent, with the purpose of enriching the perspective on the different tasks and thoughts that occur in our context, through the meeting of people whose horizon is the transformation and improvement of our societies.

Director of GCAS LA:

Francisco González Castro

Contact GCAS Latino América:

[email protected]