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BA Specializations

A student may focus their studies within the BA program. Focusing your studies is what we call “specialization”. There are several specialization and each has their own requirements, which normally means the student complete 8 courses within a specific department.

Departments & Specializations


GCAS CollegE Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Program

The Undergraduate College is a global academic community into which a qualified applicant is invited to become a member. Being a member of our academic community is a privilege and requires a rigorous commitment to the highest level of academic research through freedom, courage, critical thinking and truth-telling. All members of our community adhere to the GCAS Code of Trust.

Students need to escape debt culture, standardized testing, and passivity. They need an alternative to a system that doesn’t care about them. Students need GCAS College

Bachelor Program in Interdisciplinary Studies


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The GCAS Bachelor’s program focuses on student empowerment through the acquisition of critical and creative learning abilities. Through a variety of social and personal learning opportunities, including coursework, mentorship, group work, internships, travel opportunities, guest lectures and hands-on interactions with world-leading experts, visionaries and innovators, students at GCAS experience a unique education that helps develop healthy learning and life habits. Our objective is to support students in their lifelong pursuit of learning by providing lasting tools in communication and media, self-confidence, and the creation of a global networks.  

The GCAS Bachelor’s program consistently strives for a pedagogy of joy and curiosity, enabling students to explore and enjoy the learning and self-development process so they may lead the next generation into a healthier future for all living beings.

The program follows our mission to provide rigorous, accessible, affordable and cooperative education for the betterment of our world.