Application Instructions and Phases

  1. Complete “Phase one (1)” application form (on this page)

  2. Pay the application fee. The application fee is 10€ or $11.50

  3. Once we receive your (a) Phase one (1) application; and (b) application fee we will notify you via the email address you provided in the application.

  4. You will then be sent the GCAS BA Entrance Examination. You will have two weeks to complete and submit the GCAS BA Entrance Examination. After you submit the GCAS BA Entrance Examination you will be informed about the results within two weeks.

  5. After you complete the GCAS BA Entrance Examination you will then move on to Phase Two (2) of the BA Application, which is divided into the following five (5) parts:

    (a) Submit: Resumé

    (b) Submit: Life Portfolio

    (c) Submit: Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

    (d) Submit English Language Exam results if required

  6. After we receive your Phase two (2) form, we will schedule an interview with you (either in person or via teleconference).

  7. After the applicant completes Phase two (2) you will be informed about being accepted or not. This will normally take two weeks from the time you complete Phase Two (2) requirements.

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What GCAS College looks for in an Applicant

GCAS College has one of the best faculties in the world. We seek to recruit leaders of the next generation who are courageous enough to succeed and flourish. We especially desire applicants who want to concretely address the most vexing issues our planet faces, through bold new projects, ideas, business models and innovative research findings. Therefore, the qualities we seek in an applicant do not simply concern their academic record, but more their academic promise and who the applicant is beyond “standardized assessments.”

GCAS College seeks students who will become lifelong co-owners of our college after graduation.
— Creston Davis, PhD Chancellor

We do factor the applicant’s academic record into the decision-making process; however, it's worthy to note that the Chancellor of GCAS College Dublin, Prof. Dr. Creston Davis nearly failed High School. He graduated with a 1.8 GPA, which is a “C” grade overall, but because his grades weren't good enough to enter College, he joined the US Army. After the Army, he went on to study at places like Oxford, Duke, and Yale, completing his PhD at the University of Virginia in 2006. Dr. Davis’ story is important because although he nearly failed High School, he had academic gifts that his High School and the “standardized system” neither understood nor appreciated.

Among applicants, GCAS College Dublin also welcomes those who, like Dr. Davis, did not succeed in a standard education system, but nevertheless have promise - both academically and in terms of the will to think and succeed. This is why we do not accept the SAT or ACT examinations scores but rather have our own GCAS BA Entrance Examination. Our examination is designed to identify bold applicants who think against the grain. For more on the examination follow this link.

So, if you think you have what it takes to join GCAS College, then we encourage you to apply.

Perhaps this is your moment to live into who you are and not what the standardized system tried to make you believe about yourself.

Please be advised there are English Language Requirements that each applicant must meet or exceed in order to be offered acceptance. Please familiarize yourself with our language requirements in section 1 of the Undergraduate College Student Handbook.

During the Interview Phase of the application process you will need a private connection to the Internet with a minimum speed required as follows:

Download: 2Mbps    Upload: 128kbps

You can measure your internet speed via this link.

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Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Permanent Address *
Permanent Address
Current Address (if different from permanent address)
Current Address (if different from permanent address)
Two Questions
If you were given an extra hour of the day that no one else had, how would you use the time?
What's your life's dream or goal?
Please List: 1. Name; 2. Address 3. Date of Graduation of the High School that awarded you a diploma
Please List: 1. Name; 2. Address 3. Expected Date of Graduation from High School.
Please list: 1. Date of GED; and 2. Score;
Choose a Specialization
Please list: 1. The College or University that Awarded you the Bachelor Degree; 2. The type of Degree (i.e., BA, BS, BFA etc.); 3. Date Awarded.
GCAS College Dublin is not accredited, we award our own degrees. GCAS College is in the process of applying for accreditation, but we cannot guarantee validation. We are applying for validation under the European Qualification Framework (QQI) in Ireland and Internationally. *
Application Fee 10€ ($11.50) *
I understand that by applying, I will not receive the application fee back. Your application will not be reviewed until we have received your application fee. You may pay for your application fee via the link just below this application.

GCAS College Dublin BA Application

GCAS College Dublin is recruiting the best minds of the next generation. We are excited to form the first class of our BA Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. We take seriously our job of nurturing and supporting our students with the highest quality educational resources available.

We consider this recruitment and application process to be a crucial part of accepting new students into our program. This is because when an applicant is accepted, they will enter into a world-leading academic community and, when the student graduates, they will become co-owners of GCAS College Dublin along with the faculty and other graduates. Our application process is designed like it is because we want to discover and work with applicants who understand and want to extend our mission, vision, and values throughout their lives.

The BA Application contains two required phases. Phase one (1) is the initial application and fee. Phase two (2) is advanced and gives the applicant and GCAS College Dublin opportunities to get to know each other better. There are no additional fees in Phase two (2). After the applicant completes Phase two (2) they will be notified whether or not they have been accepted into our College and global academic community.