Unlike the traditional universities in the United States where administrators outnumber faculty, at GCAS-RII our founding administrators work in the classroom as professors and are expected to continually contribute to publishing the highest level of research findings. By breaking down and challenging the wall between administration and faculty (the art of teaching) within the academy we at GCAS-RII continue to fulfill our mission of creating a new and needed space for research and action.


Creston Davis, PhD Associate Professor, Founding Director of GCAS, and Executive Director of GCAS-RII:  Research Focus: Continental Philosophy, Epistemology, Psychoanalysis,  Literature, Critical Pedagogy 

Julie Reshe, PhD Professor and Assistant Director of GCAS, Research Institute Ireland and Director of the Psychoanalysis Institute. 


Creston Davis, PhD Executive Director

Julie Reshe, PhD, Assistant Director

Cleo Kearns, PhD Faculty Leadership Committee


Honorary President of GCAS, Lewis Gordon, PhD

Vice-President of GCAS, Azfar Hussain, PhD

Emily Flynn, Dublin Operations Manager

Christine West, Legal Counselor (Dublin)

Petra Paulic, Development Director

Tonina Alomar, Development Assistant Director

Forrest Cole, Director of Media