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Jabran Chaudry

Jabran I. Chaudry

Chief Blockchain Strategist

Jabran Chaudry

About Jabran

Jabran I. Chaudry is an innovator, researcher and theorist with over a decade of experience in frontier technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented/extended reality (VR/AR/XR) and behavioral analytics, with a formal background in political theory, philosophy and computer science. He serves as an advisor to deep-stealth artificial intelligence and blockchain companies in Switzerland, Singapore and Silicon Valley, among others; and is currently advising GCAS on token design, structuration and embedding in the context of decentralized education.

Jabran is associated with the Global Centre for Advanced Studies as the Chief Blockchain Specialist for the GCAS Crypto-Hub.

Research Interests

Jabran’s philosophical inquiry foregrounds issues of intersubjectivity, trust and phronēsis (φρόνησῐς) in the context of decentralized autonomous institutions and global networked polities. His approach is syncretic, drawing from computational complexity theory, evolutionary theory and artificial intelligence, with influences from Habermasian communicative rationality, Rawlsian political liberalism, and Schutzian social phenomenology. Together with M. Solano, he has worked on a complexity-theoretic critique of functionalism and the computational theory of mind (2019, forthcoming).

His most recent project is a systematic account of the emergence of trust and cooperation in decentralized autonomous institutions (2020, in progress). He also serves on the editorial board of Critical Ontology, an upcoming experimental journal in current philosophy.