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Dejan Lukić, PhD

Vice Chancellor & Professor

Dejan Lukic

About Dejan

Dejan Lukić serves as a professor, tutor, and vice-chancellor of GCAS. He received his PhD in anthropology from Columbia University in 2007. He is a scholar and writer with ten years of teaching experience in art schools, liberal arts colleges and research universities in the USA. These include Reed College, Rutgers University, The New School, Columbia University, School of Visual Arts in New York, and the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. He has given talks at Sarah Lawrence College, Montclair State University, and Babson College, and in different art galleries in New York City. He conceptualized more than a dozen undergraduate and graduate courses and served as a thesis advisor to numerous students who worked on projects crossing the boundaries of anthropology, philosophy, and art. 


He has published two books: “Phantom Territoriality” (Bloomsbury, 2014), dealing with the aesthetics of terrorism, and “Elemental Disappearances” (Punctum, 2016), which is a series of thought-images on contemporary art. He is currently writing a trilogy called “Emanations” that covers themes of charisma, enchantment, nature, light and shadows, and multi-ontologies. The individual volumes are titled “Charismatic Image”, “Its Total Radiance”, and “Archipelagic Surge”. You can see some of his shorter writing on his academia page.

Furthermore, all of Dejan’s work is informed by future pedagogies of creativity. To this end he runs an art and ecology Summer school on the Adriatic island in Croatia, where intricate bioregional models inform all learning activities, and where microclimate operates as an integral part of academic programing. This approach is applicable to any microclimate in the world and as such has a potential to mark the future of interdisciplinary learning.

Books by Dejan

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